In the beginning....

Janet and I have been dancing for many years now and are currently training for our IDTA first level International ballroom and latin medals We intend taking the ballroom medal test in November 2010 and the latin medal in May 2011 at which point we will retire from taking medal tests to concentrate more on our social dance activities.

We have found that over the last few years it has become more difficult to find suitably large venues locally and took to travelling further afield in our quest. It is not surprising that we made a lot of friends on our way and became associated with some of the Big Band Leaders after attending many of their gigs. Because most dancers in our area around Leicester started to ask where we were off to most nights we decided that rather than have them telephoning us every day that we would put together a website giving details of what was on. This grew rapidly by word of mouth and now the freewebs site has a large membership scattered around the country and further abroad. Some of whom have entered their profiles and can be seen on the members page. It was decided to give profiled members extra amenities and they can now send messages to each other and enter comments for others to view.

This site is our new venture, in partnerwship with Are You Dancing. With their expertise Franks Dance Diary is able to give  more comprehensive information and a new approach to promoting dancing across the country. 

We hope to see you at one of the events listed soon, particularly the Big Band gigs.

Keep dancing!!

Frank & Janet