Hello to all of our Modern Ballroom, Latin & Swing dance friends and not forgetting the Sequence enthusiasts. We hope this site will be of some use when looking for places to go to for your dancing entertainment.

Only events where no club membership is required are listed and dancers of all levels are welcome. Even if you enjoy just watching and listening, come along on the Big Band nights. There is nothing like the buzz of dancing to the sound of a large orchestra and you never know, you could find yourself joining in and deciding to learn a few steps. That's how we started and we have been dancing for years since.

The events listing is not definitive and is subject to change. Information is gathered from organisers at each event we attend. Obviously we cannot go to them all, so if you know of any forthcoming events which would be of interest please contact us and we will include them in the diary. There is no charge.

Subscribe as a member for free and benefit from automatic notices of updates to this site. Just go to Members/Applications click join and fill in the rest. You can add your photograph and profile so other members will recognise you when attending one of the many dances listed. Messages can be left on the guest book at any time but we reserve the right to remove from view depending on content. Messages are reviewed daily. We look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor.                          

Frank & Janet Cookson